Garda Lake’s shores and Monte Baldo’s trails mean home to us. In the little town of Spiazzi, in the municipality of Caprino Veronese, we found the perfect place to realise our project: the terroir, the climate, the soil, the woods, the village, everything leads us to feel closer to the rhythm of Earth.

We started Dos dei Caporai from an abandoned cattle shed and three hectares of vineyards back in 2016. Today, Dos dei Caporai is a modern looking cellar at the centre of an 8 hectares organic winery. The tasting room facing the stunning view on Garda Lake, the wine shop and the wine relais – that is coming in 2023 –welcome our guests with the promise of a terrific experience.

Our love for winemaking was born in Tuscany. Tuscany is where it all started and where we still own and directly run a little organic winery, Monetenero.

If Montenero has the taste of a dream came true, Dos dei Caporai means homecoming, we truly belong to these places.